No One Does Learning Through Play Better


The foundation for learning success is best built through hands-on, kid-powered play.  Children develop best when given the opportunity to explore their world, to try and fail and try again, and to stretch their imagination and discover new possibilities.  We believe no one combines play and learning better than DISCOVERY TOYS.

Your child is most precious to you, and you want to do everything you can to give them the best chance to achieve success and fulfillment in life. The types of toys that they play with when they are young have a direct impact on how quickly your child develops the necessary skills and motivation they need to be successful. Allow Discovery Toys to help you find your child’s next favorite educational toy and games!

For children of all ages, learning through play is a vital component of their ongoing development. Supplementing this essential part of childhood with the right kind of educational toys and games to encourage them to push their boundaries enables children to learn more about themselves and their place in the world.

Buying educational toys for children of different ages can prove challenging for parents. What skills do they emphasize? Do specific toys work better than others at cultivating specific things? With over 40 years of experience, Discovery Toys has a solid understanding of childhood development and has a vast library of educational toys and games to help children as they grow.


For infants, you want toys that engage their developing senses, such as eyesight and hearing, with bright colors and engaging sounds. With children this young, their development is more tied to their natural curiosity of the world and their place within it. So you want educational toys and games that highlight and enhance their burgeoning development.

As children continue to grow, the educational toys and games you buy should scale with their development. As they mature, you need to take their cognitive development, social-emotional, and interpersonal skills into consideration and find examples of toys to support their continued growth.


Toys for toddlers become more interactive and involved and offer the right amount of challenge for their continued development. Introducing children to more interactive educational toys, games, puzzles, and books will help reinforce key concepts and skills that will help prepare them for entering the more structured world of organized schooling.

Preschool & Up

Once they enter preschool and begin their teacher-assisted educational journey, they will learn much from their peers and their teachers throughout the course of their school days. They will interact with other children and their teachers, and be outside of their immediate family unit for the first time. You can help them succeed and be prepared for these new situations with the right types of toys that they can play with while at home.

You can have confidence that the toys you are getting for your children are of the highest quality and educational value. Discovery Toys offers a wide selection of educational toys and games for children of all ages, including:

•  0-5 Months

  6-12 Months

  1 Year-olds

•  2 Year-olds

  3-4 Year-olds

•  5-7 year-olds

  8 Years-old & up

•  And more!

If you are interested in finding your child’s next favorite toy or learning more about Discovery Toys, browse our inventory or contact our team today!