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Gather your friends and family, learn valuable learning tips for your own children, and earn FREE educational products at your Discovery Toys Party! It’s the best way for parents and others to learn about our toys, games & books – through hands-on sharing and learning through play.

Your party can be online or in person!

Host and Enjoy These Perks!

• Earn FREE and HALF-PRICE TOYS of your CHOICE when you host an
in-person or online Discovery Toys Party!
• The Higher your party sales, the more FREE TOYS and BOOKS you can receive!
• Learn about our educational resources and developmental tips for children of all ages!
• Try before you buy – sampling our products with expert advice from me!
• Make an investment in your child’s future while spending time with friends and family!
“I hosted a Discovery Toys party for a group of family childcare providers and we had a blast! We loved getting together to see all the amazing toys this company has to offer. There are so many options that fit early educator’s needs. I ended up with $280 worth of free toys and highly recommend Discovery Toys for early educators and parents looking for high-quality toys.”
Holly Kingston


For each $200 party sales above $700, you earn an additional 50% off products.
Download the Host Rewards Handout for more details.
Host Rewards


If you have a favorite charity, host a party to raise funds and/or free toys and books for the Charity of your choice. Ask your Discovery Toys Play Advisor for more information.
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Hosting a Discovery Toys party is easy! Just pick a date and invite your friends. Your Discovery Toys Play Advisor will take care of the rest!

Have Any Questions?

We can connect you with one of our Play Advisors who can answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your party.

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