It’s a Toy-Filled Summer: How to Keep Your Kids Entertained In the Summer Months
J James Myers

It’s a Toy-Filled Summer: How to Keep Your Kids Entertained In the Summer Months

May 13, 2021

Whether your kids have spent their school days on site or learning remotely from home, summer represents a time of longer days and extra freedom. Taking the time to ensure that they have enough stimulation and activities to keep them occupied is critical for their ongoing development and summertime enjoyment. Introducing toys that incorporate a combination of developmental learning and summer elements can help keep them engaged and in the right frame of mind. Here are some of our favorite toys and games for kids, just in time for the summer:

Water-Based Toys

One of the biggest draws of the summer is time spent poolside and around water to cool off. While teaching your kids how to swim can help boost their physical development, giving them toys that they can use around water can promote their overall enjoyment while in the pool or at the beach. Discovery Toys has various water-fun toys to keep your kids entertained during the hot summer days. We have toys such as the Hydro Launch, Go-Mo Star Paddles, Go-Mo Neo Disk, and Go-Mo Skim Balls to help develop their interpersonal social skills and hand-eye coordination while they learn how to control the physical force they exert. 

Toys for the Park

When your kids aren’t poolside, they can usually be found at the park running around with their friends and playing on the playground. To help give them more structure to the play itself, giving them toys that take advantage of the open spaces can make their park experience more engaging. Toys like Bubble Chopper, Go-Mo Neo Disk, and Go-Mo Feather Ball help stimulate kid’s play experiences, strengthen their gross motor skills and social skills, and provide hours of kid-powered fun. Giving them toys that encourage a wide range of play styles helps keep their ongoing development well-rounded and progressing forward. 

Summer Fun From Discovery Toys

As kids continue to grow and mature, summers spent with friends and family are often the times that they remember the most fondly. Whether you are on the hunt for toys for 5-year-old boys or something that everyone can enjoy, you want to have the best selection available. Finding ways to give them the best chance to create lasting memories like that are made easier with the help of the right toys and summertime activities. Browse through the Discovery Toys inventory to find the perfect fun and educational toy for your kids this summer and beyond!

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