How Screen Time Buster Toys Can Help Your Child’s Long-Term Development

Sep 17 , 2020


James Myers

How Screen Time Buster Toys Can Help Your Child’s Long-Term Development

Over the last decade-plus, the amount of time we have spent in front of screens has increased exponentially. With our world being almost wholly centered around the instant gratification that our cellphones, tablets, and computers provide, it was only a matter of time before this phenomenon trickled down to our children. Since 2010, young children have become more reliant on technology for their interactions and entertainment. They have begun to enter school without the necessary development of their fine motor and socialization skills.

With young children spending more time in front of screens, parents have to find ways to encourage their young children to re-engage with learning through play to further their development. Here are a few reasons why this is so important: 


dangers of children and too much facetime

Discovery Toys new line of Screen-Buster Toy bundles can help reduce these dangers!


What Exactly is a "Screen Time Buster" Toy?

With remote learning becoming the primary option this coming school year, children will find themselves in front of screens now more than ever. That's why we have bundled some of our most popular learning through play toys together to help parents and children find fun  kid-powered toys to lessen their time looking at screens. These toys actively engage children with logic puzzles, problem-solving, tactile interactivity, pattern, and design recognition to engage in different developing parts of their brains.


The Importance of Disengaging from the Screen

As children spend more time in front of a growing number of screens, the instant gratification that they feel becomes detrimental to their overall development. Carving out time for your children to disengage from their screens and participate in some good old-fashioned playtime can prove beneficial.

The importance of developing a child's imagination and social skills cannot be understated. With children entering school age with increased time interacting with screens instead of actively learning through play and socializing with other children, they become more likely to be challenged with finding success and comfort in a school environment. 

Are you looking for ways to limit your child's screen time and encourage more active playing? Browse our Screen Time Busters bundles to find new ways for your children to interact with the world around them today!



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