How Educational Toys Can Enrich Home Education
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How Educational Toys Can Enrich Home Education

Sep 4, 2020

Children learn an immense variety of skills and concepts throughout their developmental years. Learning through play with toys and games has been shown to be a key contributor to a child's long-term development. These learning through play products can help supplement and enrich the development of the skills they learn from school education and make the overall learning process more fun.

 As the new school year approaches amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, parents begin to navigate how their children will go to school during this time. With most school districts leaning towards some semblance of remote learning to begin the 2020-2021 school year, parents are searching for ways to help their children acclimate and thrive within this unfamiliar and uncertain environment. Play is a very familiar and often fulfilling activity for children, and there is an accessible treasure trove of playthings for kids in their kindergarten through early elementary school years to help develop and reinforce the skills being taught.


Supplementing and Enriching Learning

Kindergarten instruction in a classroom environment fosters the development of cognitive, social-emotional, and executive functioning skills. As children mature and ascend through the elementary school years, they hone and expand these skills. To help stimulate this progression in a homeschooling or remote learning environment, parents can greatly benefit from finding the most appropriate learning through play toys. The following video highlights a few of our toys that are great for developing and inspiring young minds that your kids will love!


The younger ones in this age range are beginning to show increased signs of independence and creativity. You want to have them playing with toys that foster and build upon those traits—utilizing toys that encourage them to build structures of increasing complexity that will challenge and hone these skills. While the older kids still need to foster the development of these more fundamental skills, they can now grasp more complex tasks and follow increasingly involved directions. Utilizing toys and games that continue to challenge and offer opportunities for progression is vital for your children's continued development in a homeschooling or remote learning environment.

Toys that emphasize finding patterns and developing narrative play can also prove beneficial to your children. Giving them toys that place the onus on them to discern patterns and construct stories to frame their playtime around, such as doctor playsets or a logic puzzle, allows their imagination and creative thinking to blossom. This type of playtime nurtures an inherent desire to create and explore concepts that many academic curriculum's seek to teach.

Are you preparing your child or children for learning at home for the upcoming academic year and looking to enrich their experience through learning through play toys? Browse the Discovery Toys online store to find the best educational toys for inspiring your child today!


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