How the Right Toys Can Help Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Feb 16 , 2021


James Myers

How the Right Toys Can Help Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

During early childhood, your kids begin to learn the skills they need to succeed in organized schooling. The ability to share, interact with others, and generally be part of a small group are all skills that can begin developing before your child sets foot in a kindergarten classroom. While your interactions with them and introducing them to new experiences will help, the importance of learning through play cannot be overstated. As your child matures and gets closer to going out in the world and interacting with children their own age, you want to ensure that they are as ready as possible to enter organized learning environments. 

How Toys Can Help The Preparation Process

The concept of learning through play allows children to explore the world around them and experience different stimuli to help their ongoing development. Introducing open-ended toys such as the Connectix Magnetic Building Tiles helps promote children's innate curiosity and creativity. Encouraging their problem-solving skills early can help better prepare them for the more structured atmosphere of a classroom. As they get older, you can begin introducing more complex toys to experience a more robust learning through play environment. 

Physical Toys Vs. Electronics

Whether you are looking for preschool learning toys or specialized toys for kindergarten, the urge to sit your child in front of an iPad and let their play become more virtual has gotten stronger. However, relying too heavily on digital media can have a negative impact on your child's ongoing development and potentially make the transition into kindergarten more difficult. The way children learn and develop depends largely on the type of play they engage in overtime. Digital and electronic play engage an entirely different part of the brain, handicapping the development of skills they need for organized schooling and interacting with people outside of the immediate family. 

During the preparation for kindergarten, young children need to have proper stimulation to further develop skills necessary for organized schooling. Studies have shown that electronic toys can negatively affect speech development in children and impede their ability to interact with other people. The electronic toys appear to create a degree of separation in how children play and learn that does not exist in classic educational toys. Discovery Toys offers a wide range of educational toys that encourage sensory engagement and learning through play. With physical play, creativity, verbal communication, and the ability to share and relate to other people become more developed over time.   

Preparation is Crucial

Putting your children in the best position to succeed in their education starts well before setting foot in a classroom. Picking the right toys to help further their development and get them ready for kindergarten is crucial. With the help of Discovery Toys, you can find the right toys for your child's ongoing growth and give them the perfect avenue to continue learning through play. We encourage you to browse our inventory to find your child's next favorite toy!

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